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I. Enterprise Mission: Carrying green dream and creating better life
“Carrying” and “creating” represent the duty and undertaking of Qingte; “green dream” and “better life” represent the mission focus and connotation of Qingte.
“Carrying” and “creation” show the promises of Qingte to the customers, employees and all mankind, each product and service show the duty and undertaking of Qingte who will help the customers, employees and all mankind to pursue happy and better life through providing excellent product and service. Besides, Qingte axle carries the dream of efficient transmission and energy conservation and environment protection for commercial vehicle and helps people to realize the dream; Qingte special vehicle carries the dream of entrepreneurial wealth and serving the society and helps the customer to realize the dream; Qingte Real Estate carries the dream of healthy, environmental and comfortable living condition and helps the customer to realize the dream.
“Green dream” is the dream of Qingte to provide energy-saving, efficient, environmental and healthy product and service for consumer wholeheartedly, and also the dream of all mankind to pursue green healthy life
“Better life” is the wish of Qingte to create colorful, sunny, healthy and positive life for all employees, and also the dream of people to pursue personal happiness and social harmony.


II. Enterprise vision: China axle industry leader, first-class special vehicle manufacturing servicer and regional leading real estate enterprise; be the glory century enterprise and world brand.
will be committed to becoming the leader in China's axle industry, leading the development of the industry in technology and realizing No. 1 in market share and profit margin;
becoming the first-class manufacturer and servicer in the segment of special vehicle, integrating all the resources in the industry, and providing the best solution and service for target customer group;
becoming the most respected and trusted real estate leading enterprise in this region and insisting on conscientious, quality and celebrated brand real estate.
Continue to build and consolidate core competition advantage, create unique value for customer, get the long-term trust of interested party and create centennial legacy for Qingte; cooperate with world famous enterprises to constantly surpass the international benchmarking enterprises, increase production competence, keep a foothold in international mainstream market and strive to be the world famous brand.


III. Core Value of Qingte
1. Respect people
Respecting people is the basis for conducting oneself.
Respecting people means people first, understanding, respecting and helping people;
Respecting people requires people to keep kindheartedness and thankfulness, be filial to parents, respect the partner and opponent, and esteem the employee.
2. Integrity
Integrity is the basis for self-cultivation and entrepreneurship.
Integrity means to treat people honestly, be broad-minded, self-disciplined and trustworthy, and face up to the responsibility;
Integrity means that the enterprises implement compliance operation and the employees take the responsibility;
3. Dedication
Dedication is the gateway to success.
Dedication refers to concentration, absorption, devotion and progress, and keeping faith, sticking to principles, making all-out efforts and being efficient and pragmatic.
Dedication refers to the permanent promise and action to work, the excelsior pursuit to product and service, and permanent responsibility to society.
4. Innovation
Innovation is the basis for development and expansion.
Innovation means to recognize one's own fallibility, take the initiative to change, break away from convention and dare to blaze new trails;
Innovation means to break the limit of inherent thinking in concept and break the constraint of successful experiences in management.